Reunion at the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe


This picture is from a selfie video taken by the award winning Canadian filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming at the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, on Thursday, November 10, 2016. This was a three-year reunion for us two ladies, Evi and Ann Marie. It was a nice warm afternoon and we were sitting at the outside patio surrounded by red autumn leaves and we observed a crow eating discarded luncheon leftovers, then it proceeded to bury some in the garden, as Ann Marie noted, just like a dog. Or perhaps the crow has been spying on the squirrels in downtown Vancouver. Although much happened in the years since we had last seen each other, we happily picked up right where we left off - time is not an obstacle in our friendship. And our happy reunion was also timely since Ann Marie left Vancouver two days later to attend the Reel Asian International Film Festival in Toronto, and I left just days later myself back to New York. 

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