Once Upon A Charming - Photo 1


Once upon a time, in a quiet town of Steveston, there was a girl who had a dentist appointment. As she walks towards the door, she notices a paper on the door. She reads the first line, “Once Upon A Time….” She scoffs and says to herself, “what a corny title.” At home, her sister yells “OMG did you know they're filming a TV show here?! Have you seen the trailer? It looks super interesting!” Giving it a chance, they watched the first episode together and got hooked! Since the film set was only 15 minutes away they went to watch. As one of the characters came out to greet people, they were starstruck. He was tall, had brown hair, everything that embodies a prince charming, his name was Josh Dallas and I met him 4 years ago. It's safe to say he hasn't changed a bit.

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