Russian Roulette Helicopter Scene


1974-1975 film 'Russian Roulette' - With scenes filmed On the very top of the Vancouver Hotel. The highlight of this part of the film is a gunfight taking place on the roof of the hotel between George Segal (Shaver) and the bad guy Bo Brundin (Vostik) a rouge Soviet, set on killing Kosygin, the Premiere of Soviet Union, on a visit to Vancouver (fictional of course).

In front of the Courthouse building, a helicopter is forced to land with the other villains, one is drugged and has a bomb wrapped around him. But our hero George saves the day, by shooting him before the bomb goes off. The whole sequence of these scenes took over 2 weeks to be filmed and with the gunfight, fall, and helicopter, it added only approximately 5 minutes to the film.

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