Selfie with Owen Wilson


I was just finishing up watching my Best friend at her beach volleyball tournament at Kitsilano Beach,when everyone started whispering about something and I felt so out of the loop. Finally I asked someone what was going on and they said "Owen Wilson is over there!" At that moment my heart fell to my stomach. I was so excited. I looked over and there he was on a bike all dressed up in his fancy but "casual" clothes. I kept asking everyone to come with me and get a selfie with him but no one would. Everyone was like "go do it", "go ask him", "the worst he can say is no". So as excited and nervous as I was I strutted my stuff over there with confidence and as soon as I got to him it's like I forgot how to speak. His head was turned the opposite way of me so he couldn't see me, so I, oh so lightly, touched his forearm and basically whispered "can I get a selfie?" and he looked back and wasn't even phased with the answer "last one." I quickly snapped the photo and I was so happy and excited that I was that close to Owen Wilson. I said thank you so much and walked away, but I still couldn't breathe. That was the best of my life!!! 

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