Dreams Do Come True!


Back in April, I met my all-time favourite actor, Johnny Depp. I made it my goal to hopefully get a picture with him for the period he was here filming 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'. I scoured social media for sightings or autograph hounds in search of information. No one really seemed interested in tracking him down. The few bits that emerged came from dinner outings, a shopping excursion and a visit to the dentist! I knew where filming was occurring in North Vancouver but it was beginning to feel like it was not going to happen. The last day of a mini-staycation I finally decided I would go to the set and just take a chance. As luck would have it, an amazing opportunity came that day. I received a message from a very reliable source that Johnny would be filming at a local studio downtown. 5 minutes after that message, another came: FYI don't tell anyone what I just told, people in building have to sign non-disclosure agreements! Not that I was going to tell anyone, but that sealed it. I went to the location and waited about 7 hours. Sounds extreme but not for me. My hobby is meeting musicians that mean something to me so I know the deal. Put in the time, usually reap the benefit! I chatted with some of the crew who slyly teased me "What are you doing here...who do you think is here...etc..." They hinted my time would be rewarded but I didn't put much faith in them...wrong on my part. I forgot to mention that I actually arrived at the studio when Johnny's car brought him in. He was quickly whisked inside. All that mattered to me was he was inside which meant he had to come out at some point. Every now and again I would check Twitter to see if maybe anyone was talking about Johnny or trying to see where filming was. Nothing. Everyone was focused on 'Once Upon A Time' or 'Arrow'! It's nearing 8:30 and crew had said filming would wrap by then. One even asked my name and said he would pass it along to Johnny. OK... sure. Just before 9pm my patience paid off. A quick nod from a crew member to ready myself and out walked Johnny Depp. I thought... who am I kidding... I wasn't thinking anymore. Johnny walks up and says "Hi Jennifer, I hear you have been waiting for me." I mutter a hello and ask if I could get a quick picture. After a hug, we take a few selfies, Johnny directing me to a better lighting angle. His security, who never leave his side, left us to talk. I guess my lack of freaking out put him at ease or maybe it was Johnny's interest in talking to me. We talked about his band, Hollywood Vampires, my longtime appreciation of his work, the seniors Johnny Depp fan club my mom sort of has back home on Quesnel with her friends and a bit more on music and wine. Hugs, photos and a personal autograph on an Edward Scissorhands postcard I love. All told I probably had 7-10 minutes with him, and I will never ever forget it. A genuine, kind, down to earth and borderline shy person - Johnny Depp is the best. No other will come close.

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