This Vancouver

Every community is the sum of its stories and memories. This Vancouver allows you to experience the stories of Vancouverites and the history of Vancouver communities through images, audio clips, and videos. Many of the collections are the result of VPL collaborating with community members on community-based digital projects.
In the late 1980s local resident Laurel Kimbley conducted a series of interviews on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to capture the lives and experiences of people living in the neighbourhood. Some of these interviews were later used as the basis for the book Hastings and Main. This collection makes the audio recordings of those interviews available for the first time, following the digitization of the original cassette tapes in VPL’s Inspiration Lab. Take a trip to the past of the Downtown Eastside through the voices of its residents.Vancouver Public Library makes this Carnegie stories collection available for research or private study under Section 30.21(3.1) of the Copyright Act (Canada) and may not be used, copied, or reproduced for any other purpose. Vancouver Public Library does not own the copyright in or hold a licence to publish the content of the Carnegie stories collection. If you own the copyright in the Carnegie stories collection or you or a family member were interviewed as part of the Carnegie stories collection, you may contact the Vancouver Public Library to request the removal of certain relevant sections of the Carnegie stories collection.
Since 1991, the Women's Memorial March Committee has organized a march on February 14th to honour the memory of all women from the Downtown Eastside (DTES) who have died due to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence. Each year since 2005 the Women's Memorial March Quilt is carried by dozens of people during that march. This quilt was created by the collaboration of family members, friends, and community members over many years. Each panel honours the love, hopes, and dreams for the women who have been murdered or gone missing in the DTES. Since 2015, the Vancouver Public Library and the Women's Memorial March Committee have been working together to digitize the 120+ beautiful panels that form the Women's Memorial March Quilt. Our intention is to preserve the images of the panels in high quality photographs, and then with the families' approval display the images in this online gallery. If you are a family member of one of the women commemorated in the quilt panels and you have questions or concerns about the content presented in the Remembering Our DTES Women collection that relates to your family member, please contact at any time.
This collection of stories describes Vancouver's Chinatown as experienced by long-time Chinatown residents. Recorded audio interviews are paired with images to tell a visual story in the form of short videos, some in English and some in Cantonese with subtitles. The topics range from the changes over time in Chinatown, favourite businesses and buildings, as well as discussions of life and family. The funding that made the Chinatown Stories project possible was generously provided by Mr. Bob Rennie. Historical pictures provided by the VPL Historical Photographs Collection & City of Vancouver Archives.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Expo 86, the Vancouver Public Library asked Vancouverites to share digitized photos of Expo and record audio clips of their thoughts and experiences. These memories are yours to explore!
These wintery photos are selections from the Vancouver Public Library's Philip Timms photography collection. Mr. Philip Timms considered his greatest professional accomplishment to be the photographic record that he created of Vancouver between 1900 and 1910. We hope you enjoy seeing into Vancouver's history through these scenic winter photographs.
The West End Stories online exhibit gathers together oral stories from individuals who grew up in Vancouver’s West End. These recollections and pictures tell the story of life in the West End from the 1930s onward.